FAQs Access to inappropriate content at school

What should I do if a child has attempted to access an inappropriate site at school?

Your web content filtering system should have been set up to block the key sites and should also provide regular reports to you to show clearly which sites have been accessed by which users and how often, including the blocked sites. Once identified, you can then discuss this with the necessary pupils.

Similarly, if you identify access to an inappropriate site that hasn’t been blocked and should be, then you can respond quickly by blocking the site in-house via your filtering system.  We work with schools to support them where necessary and also liaise closely with industry to help to prevent illegal or inappropriate material on sites.

If you do not have a web content filtering system that enables you to be responsive in blocking sites and does not empower you with regular reports detailing URLs, access and users then please visit our ‘schools internet services’ section within this e-safety portal or contact our education team on: sales@ncitech.co.uk.

If a child is attempting to access blocked sites we suggest that you can do the following:

  • Introduce an e-safety lesson or reminder session to look at the dangers and reasons why sites are blocked. Visit our Resources section for teaching e-safety classroom activities
  • Some schools have put a warning message up on the screen or even a picture of their teacher/head teacher with a message to discourage children.
  • You can also include advice centres and help lines appropriately aimed at the right age group of children to inform and deter them such as those included on our helpful links page.



"I often get requests to help schools with their E-Safety provision. NCI's E-Safety resources are valuable, comprehensive and easy to access. I will certainly recommend that the professionals I advise look carefully at them in future and I have already included a link to them on the E-Safety area of my school's website."

Chris Wild
Constantine School