FAQs Dangers of children using the internet

What are the dangers for children using the internet?

Our use of the internet and internet access technologies has grown considerably, with each new, young generation being involved at an earlier age.  It is therefore important to understand that though the internet is a fantastic social and information resource it also presents many risks.

By understanding the risks and dangers, we can help protect children and young-people.  We have outlined below the main dangers currently on the net.

Exposed to inappropriate or illegal material

This may be pornographic, hateful, violent, illegal, encouraging dangerous behaviour, age-inappropriate or biased promoting racist, sexual or political agenda's.


This is the use of the internet and internet access technologies such as smart phones and iPads that provides an anonymous medium by which to bully and torment.  The emotional abuse can be severe with the power of these technologies through email, chat or text messages aiding in isolating the victim in fear and embarrassment.

Physical Danger

This is probably the most worrying and extreme risk and often the most reported in the media.  A criminal minority make use of the internet and chat rooms to make contact with young people with the intention of developing relationships.  Paedophiles will often target a child, posing as a young person aiming to develop a trusted 'online' friendship by stating that they share similar interests and hobbies.  The Paedophiles aim is to meet the child in person or to encourage them to send personal, even provocative photos. These online techniques are called 'online enticement', 'grooming' or 'child procurement'.

If you are worried about a child or would like to report abuse we advise visiting our 'Links and Important Contacts' section and talking to CEOP or the NSPCC.



"I often get requests to help schools with their E-Safety provision. NCI's E-Safety resources are valuable, comprehensive and easy to access. I will certainly recommend that the professionals I advise look carefully at them in future and I have already included a link to them on the E-Safety area of my school's website."

Chris Wild
Constantine School