FAQs Setting parental controls on iPad and IPhone

How to set Parental Controls on your iPhone and iPad

If your children are accessing the internet with these devices we strongly recommend that you ensure restrictions are enabled to protect your children from the dangers of the internet.  If restrictions aren't in place your children could be vulnerable to cyber-bullying, child grooming and other dangers and even provide personal details unwittingly such as their address or current location to strangers.  Please read our 'setting parental controls page' on how to secure your Apple device.

If you would like information about internet safety please visit our Resources section or if you are worried about a child please visit Links and Important Contacts for helplines and support services.



"I often get requests to help schools with their E-Safety provision. NCI's E-Safety resources are valuable, comprehensive and easy to access. I will certainly recommend that the professionals I advise look carefully at them in future and I have already included a link to them on the E-Safety area of my school's website."

Chris Wild
Constantine School