Go has been revamped

NCI Technologies has recently redesigned their dedicated online safety website, this has also included an update on available content and resources available to users.

Brain child of ICT Education Director Andy Trish the site was first launched in 2013 originally as resource for our school ICT clients.  The website soon became popular with parents, children and an online following from the dedicated Twitter account @esafetymatters.

As a responsible IT company and advocates of e-safety NCI Technolgies felt it was paramount to continue our work promoting e-safety. The internet is an exciting and amazing place and we want the online digital world to be a safe place for all, whatever your age. We do, though, understand that e-safety and the online digital world is constantly changing, and it is increasingly important to know how to stay safe while enjoying the benefits of the internet. Because of this, we have made it our mission to redesign and update our resource hub providing signposting to simple, practical e-safety tips and advice for all.

All resources on are shared for the benefit of parents, teachers, children or businesses.  Resources shared cover a range of e-safety issues with the aim of helping you to learn more and providing support on tackling any issues should they arise. We will be constantly adding to this resources hub and actively encourage people to contact us if they have any links or resources they think we should add to the site.

If NCI Technologies can help prevent even one single incident we would have achieved our mission to help make the internet a safer place for all.




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